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    Mobile Device ecosystem Management.

    AppTrack is a cloud-based software solution developed specifically for the education market to handle all aspects of mobile device management.

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    Integrates perfectly in the classroom

    AppTrack was developed to be managed right in the classroom. No need to call "IT" to get features enabled/disabled. Take control of your devices when and where you need to.

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    Unburden your IT department

    Combine hierarchial profiles and device settings system-wide, then delegate authority whenever and wherever you need.

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Latest Blog Entries

  • AppTrack Features - License Management

    When purchasing apps for multiple devices which share a common iTunes account (i.e. a classroom set or"cart" of devices) the licenses must be purchased through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Many apps are available at a steep discount when purchased in quantities of twenty or more. This means that it is often wise to purchase 20 licenses when only 10 or 12 are actually needed at the moment.Purchased licenses are presented as rows of redemption codes downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet. This Presents a major logistical problem, as additional purchases for the same app result in another spreadsheet. Licenses used as well as those which remain unused in a particular spreadsheet must be manually tracked. This very quickly becomes extremely resource intensive, time-consuming and ultimately wasteful as available licenses are overlooked and repurchased.Because AppTrack handles the entire workflow process internally, you never see a spreadsheet of licenses. AppTrack contacts Apple directly and imports purchased licenses. It maintains a "Central Warehouse" of unused purchased licenses which are automatically used to fill future requests before purchasing new licenses. AppTrack will evaluate the available licenses and the existence of bulk discounts and make a purchasing recommendation designed to optimize long-term savings.In addition AppTrack only redeems a single license to any given iTunes account regardless of how many devices are sharing it. All other licenses required are only earmarked as belonging to the account. As the requirements and use-cases for any given set of devices change over time unredeemed licenses may then be reused elsewhere. AppTrack manages the changes and ensures compliance with Apple’s licensing terms, maintaining complete audit-ability. Managers can see at a glance what licenses have been purchased and exactly where each license is being used and in what manner. This approach presents significant cost savings. We have clients who have saved ne ...

    by Kevin
  • AppTrack Features - part 2

    In our first post on AppTrack's features, we learned how AppTrack handles distributed device management and content management.  Now we will take a look at one of AppTrack's most powerful features, Work-Flow ManagementOne of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a mobile device infrastructure in an education environment are the issues involved with selecting and purchasing apps for the devices. Teachers would like to use an app for their class, but what is the process for working that request through channels? The Licenses must be purchased in volume and then distributed, but who will be paying for it? Which account will this purchase be charged to? Do purchases of a certain size require additional scrutiny and approval?Are grant funds involved? If so, who needs to evaluate the app to determine it complies with the grant?Does anyone from curriculum need to approve the app’s compliance to standards? Is there a software committee that must sign-off on it? Who reviews the app to determine that it will even run on the devices it’s being purchased for? How will all these people keep track of the status of each request as it progresses through the system? AppTrack is built around a best-in-class workflow management system which is both powerful and flexible. At every step users are informed of action which needs to be taken via email as well as their custom dashboard. Approvals, rejections, or requests for additional information are quick and intuitive.The teacher (or original requester) is kept apprised of the status of all their orders and can see at a glance what phase each request is at. The entire process, from searching for apps, gaining all necessary approvals and funding, to purchasing and distributing the resulting licenses happens within AppTrack’s familiar interface. This eliminates confusion, mis-transcription, and misunderstandings and ensures the intended app is purchased and deployed to the correct devices.In addition, when it comes time ...

    by Kevin
  • AppTrack Features - part 1

    Distributed Device Management Although global defaults, restrictions and profiles can be set, AppTrack is designed to delegate day-to-day control to designated personnel outside of central IT. This enables those who are intimately familiar and involved with the needs of the users and devices to be given the authority to specify or modify device settings as needed (within the constraints granted by IT). This means certain restrictions (e.g. App or content age restrictions) can be set by IT, while teachers can enable and disable the camera, web access, youtube, messaging, etc. as needed to support their daily lesson plans.Content ManagementTeachers often have the need to make resources available for students to use on their devices. Often this requires moving the content to a hosting or staging area with the appropriate access (WebDAV, HTTP, DropBox, SkyDrive, etc.) and directing students to connect to and access the indicated file. Depending on the method used, 3rd-party apps are required and manual setup of credentials for each user on each device must be maintained. For devices which are shared (i.e. carts or check-out devices), those credentials must be removed and re-set prior to new users taking control.With AppTrack, teachers simply drag the content they wish to deploy onto the interface. The content is uploaded and hosted automatically. When the teacher wishes to deploy any or all of the content AppTrack pushes it to all the devices in the class simultaneously. Links will appear with custom-icons and labels allowing students to easily launch the data in any app that supports it. When the teacher is finished with the content, the link can be removed and replaced with any new content as required. ...

    by Kevin
  • What makes AppTrack different?

    The education market, especially the K-12 sector, operates far differently than a corporation would and thus has significantly different needs. Managing devices intended for adult employees is far different than managing devices destined for students. Simply handling the workflow surrounding selecting, requesting,vetting, approving, funding, deploying and accounting for the hundreds of apps and thousands of licenses needed to support learning across such a wide variety of ages, grades and subjects quickly becomes a logistical nightmare that corporations never face.There is also the need for frequent changes to device capabilities to allow for differentiated education and effective classroom management. This might include briefly enabling cameras for a specific project,temporarily disabling access to the web browser or remotely launching an app on all devices simultaneously in a classroom of younger students.In addition, teachers need a simple and effective way to remotely push content to devices so that students have easy and immediate access to any documents, videos, sound clips, data, and links to online content when called for in the lesson plan, and a way to remove them when they are no longer needed.Management software designed for the corporate environment is not equipped to handle this in a manner conducive to the classroom setting.Future posts will cover some of the features of AppTrack in more detail. Stay tuned! ...

    by Kevin
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